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Nablus City: A severe military curfew for continuous 50 days
Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Nablus City, the biggest town in West Bank, has been living under severe curfew for the last fifty days. The people have apeald helplessly to the world to free themselves from a deadly and collective punishment implemented daily by Israel痴 army of occupation. Palestinians health officials have been sending warnings to various media sources of health and environmental disasters taking place among the entire civilian population. The most compelling cases of such human tragedies are especially those, connected to child vaccination and lack of medical supplies.

One Palestinian official stated that the situation is most dangerous inside the Al Kasbah, the historical quarter of Nablus City. Last April, Israeli war jets unleashed a punishing and deadly air attacks against the old quarter, Al Kasbah, destroying large parts of the historical homes and streets. ・Our city has never experienced this kind of destruction since its historical beginnings three thousands years ago.・Said the mayor the Nablus, Mr. Al Shakka to media sources, immediately after the attacks.

Even now, Israeli tanks, as they take control of all entries to the old quarter, continue demolishing homes and narrow streets. Israeli army usually claims, ・They are searching for terrorists・

Palestinian Legislation Council Member, Ms. Dalal Salama, 35 years old woman, who lives near Nablus, described how Israeli army is creating havoc and destruction in Nablus and the old quarter. ・Within the last four days, Israeli army has destroyed 12 houses and blew up many walls between streets and houses in order to let tanks drive through.・Said the 35 years old woman legislator.

The rest of the city is suffering tremendously from piles of garbage and other necessary services. As Israeli occupation forces are spread through the streets of the city, soldiers stop ambulance cars from performing their humanitarian duties. Also, the tanks prevent and threaten municipality maintenance workers from repairing essential services such us water networks and electric lines. Three days ago, on August 10th. one Israeli soldier shot dead a Palestinian electricity technician inside his municipality car. Eyewitnesses reported to media sources the cold-blooded murder of Al Qurani and how one bullet was shot straight to his head, killing him immediately.

One local hospital director told the Palestinian newspaper, Al Ayyam, that child vaccination is desperately needed at once. He appealed for help and explained that some vaccinations are needed for newly born babies such as the vaccination for Hepatitis B. Mothers who are infected with this disease normally pass on the infection to the baby. So the vaccination is urgently needed within the first 72 hours after the baby is born.

One Nablus City resident said to a TV news station that the problem is not only food and medicine but we demand for our dignity and national identity.

Reported by B. Samed,

Aug. 13th., 2002

Gaza City, Palestine


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