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Palestinians and Israeli election
Thursday, January 30, 2002

Gaza City: In the day that was supposed to decide the future of politics in Israel, fresh attacks were carried out by Israeli occupation army, particularly, in Jenin town, West Bank during the morning hours of Tuesday. According to media sources, Israeli army attacked Jenin Refugee camp and the town simultaneously. The army killed four Palestinians and injured many others as young Palestinian youths were on their way to school when confronted by a number of tanks on the streets of the town.

Also, all Palestinian territories in both Gaza Strip and West Bank remained sealed off from the outside world as Israeli government announced that Palestinian territories to be considered military areas and should be closed down throughout the elections.

Military checkpoints imposed throughout Palestinian towns and villages, remained restricting severely the movements of people and goods.

Despite the expected results of the election of a win by Sharon痴 Likud Party, many Palestinians expressed a disappointment over the choice of Sharon by Israeli voters and for his policies of violence and continuing of occupation of Palestinian lands.

One prominent Palestinian political analyst described the choice of Israeli voters of Sharon as saying,・This is a vote of despair. Israelis are again giving another chance to Sharon who has brought utter failure to Israelis on both important issues of security and economy. He continued,・by voting to Sharon, it proves that Israeli society is a racist society approving its support to the most inhumane apartheid system which is actually worse than the apartheid of South Africa.・

In the city of Gaza, people tried to go about their daily life with the reminder of Israel痴 latest military tank incursions, described as the biggest so far on the city where 13 Palestinians killed and 65 injured on the night of January 25th.

One shop keeper commented,・Sharon only knows war. He does not want to negotiate and does not talk peace. So, there is nothing new. With the big election win, he will even get worse as his people encourage him to continue occupation and killing.

And the worst of all, the whole world is watching and letting him get away with his crimes.・


By B. Samed

Gaza, Jan. 30th. 2003


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