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In Gaza: Tens of thousands mourn the death of 15 victims of an Israeli air strike Massacre
Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Today Gaza City and the rest of the Palestinian people mossssurned the death of 15 victims; six of them belong to one family. Yesterday, Israeli F16s launched a sudden and deadly attack on one of the most crowed areas in Gaza City. The attack can be described as the most murderous and vicious single air strike on the city. Palestinian health crews are still struggling to deal with the huge number of causalities. Tens of injured are still under intensive care. Shifa Hospital, Gaza City's main hospital, called out for doctors from other governrates to hurry and help with the big numbers.

Local Gazans, still in a state of shock and utter disbelief, took out in the tens of thousands to the streets in a massive funeral of sadness and fury. By three O'clock in the afternoon, traffic was brought to a halt to allow almost the entire population of the city to take part in a moving and a highly charged funeral procession.

One image which will always be remembered as long as one can remember and brought tears to thousands of onlookers, when one adult man sitting on the shoulders of another, carried the corpse of his little dead baby nephew, two months old Ayman.

The uncle, carried on the shoulders in the middle of a sea of people, his bearded face covered with running tears and painful signs of agony, put the dead baby into his two hands and extended his arms and the baby out to the sky as if to reach out for heavens. Seconds later, the uncle could not continue, lowered the nephew baby to his lab and finally rested his head on the little baby's fragile body and broke into more tears.

One woman demonstrator cried out saying,・we want to ask the Americans. Who are the terrorists? The sleeping murdered children?・

Another man commented,・our people will never forgive this crime. If there is no security for Palestinians, then, Israelis will never enjoy one day of security.・

Another Palestinian old man said,・with this crime, Israel has closed off any possibility of bringing calm to the situation. Israel has opened widely the door of revenge and cycle of violence.・

A Palestinian commentator told media sources that Sharon has practically ・legislated the beginning of a new wave of suicide bombing.・

According to Arab media news sources, one Palestinian official stated that at the time when all Palestinian national and Islamic forces decided to calm down the ongoing conflict, Sharon and Israel blew up any opportunity to bring stability.

Actually, several Arab media sources did report on July 22nd that Hamas leader, Mr. Yassin announced a statement offering Israel a deal. The Prominent Al Jazeera News network conducted an interview with Yassin and the top three leaders of Hamas at Yassin痴 home in which all agreed that If Israeli ends occupation in West Bank and Gaza, Hamas would halt its operations inside Israel. Many Palestinians commented today about this offer and other recent efforts to calm the situation by saying that Sharon is essentially against making peace.

Saudi Arabia痴 Foreign minister made a statement during an official visit to Cairo. He said,・Sharon has opened a new chapter of his crimes for history to write it down.

He ( Sharon )sends massive weapons of destruction on civilians who were sleeping peacefully in their homes. No moral or military reason can ever justify such an ugly crime.・

Reported by B. Samed

July 23rd., 2002


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