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120 Sandwitches    Thursday, June 14, 2001

CIA dirctor is supposed to have fulfilled his "home wrok" of some security arrangment today, June 13th.
For how long? Who knows? Palestinians argue that America got involved to protect Israel in light of imposingly unfair conditions. But when Palestinians were under severe aggression for the last 8 months, America only sat watching.

A freind form Hebron, West Bank, told me by phone that residents of the city have been confined to a virtual prison since Saturday, June the 2nd. Even Palestinian Minister of Transport, Al Qawasmeh San, could not leave to the weekly cabint meeting in Ramallah, normally headed by President Arafat.
The West Bank is becoming like 120 sandwitches; squeezing Palestinian population to small pockets scattered throughout the occupied terretories.



A Palestinian young man fixing lines of his new home-tent located about 70 m from a Jewish settlement in Khan Younis.
March 2001, Gaza

A Graffiti written on this wall and many others says: "to leaders of zionsit enemy...we won't wait any longer. Revenge is coming. Hamas is the force."
June 2001 Gaza

A Palestinian from Khan Younis refugee camp sitting on the ruins of his home after Israeli tank attack the night before.
March 2001

Many streets throught Palestinian cities, refugee camps often paint faces with names of local young men who have become symbols of martirdom and heroism.

Palestinian Kite, Palestinian dreams soaring into the horizon for a tomorrow as gold as the sun.
June 11th 2001, Gaza.

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