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Political before security    Friday, June 15, 2001

The mood among Palestinians in the occupied territories is that of a bitter disappointment. The so called "ceasefire" agreement focuses only on security matters mostly for Israel's favor.

The bottom line is people want an end to occupation. Poeple want to start peace talks that deal with finding solutions to serious issues such as end of occaption, sovereignty, release of prisoners, total lift of degrading blockades, free access of people and goods in and out of the territories, Jerusalem, refugees, etc....

No international voice is talking about  such very important issues representing the core of the conflict.Not America. Not EU. Not ASEAN, not .....etc...
People here want to see hope, a future, away out. Instead, till this very moment, Israeli tanks loaded with the biggest machine guns directing Palestinian civilian traffic and pedestrians outside towns and villages.

Today, Hammas staged a big demonstration in Gaza city's main street Omar Mokhtar protesting the barrage of internationl pressure on Arafat and the Palestinians for the unfair conditions put forward by CIA Director Tenet.  Also,  Demonstrators strongly stressed the paramount importance of Palestinian national unity at this critical stage of the struggle.


B. Samed


a picture painted on a wall in a street of Gaza city.

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