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Sales Promotion - Gaza Style   Wednesday, June 27, 2001

Noticing an interesting sign, which I thought, suits our present times in Palestine, stopped by the shop to check on Gaza's latest marketing progress.

Mohammad Sowan, the salesperson of one of two shops that put up theSigns, says,sales are almost zero. Since the intifadah started and our business is suffering badly. Leaning on the shop window and pointing out at a display of children clothes, It is still the beginning of summer. Prices are already down by big percentage for our summer merchandize. Economy is really down.

Asked why he used the word explosion or missile attack, Sowan smiled and said,We decided to use such words because that is what people and customers are getting used to lately. Explosion pertains zero・or almost nothing・these days. So, I thought of using these terms to describe our sales prices.

B. Samed



Shopping-the Gaza Way. The discount sign on the right with a hand greneade sketch annouces, "Explosion on all prices...from 5-10 sheqel." The one on the left declares, "BREAKING NEWS; Missile attack on summer clothes prices."
June 27, Gaza

The latest sales promotion technique displayed on a shop window in Gaza city. "Esplosion on all kinds of clothes."
June 27th, 2001

The best Hommos Restaurant in Gaza in Omar Mukhtar Street.
June 27th, 2001

"We won't sign a truce; we won't bargain; we'll remain free." A graffiti sign in Gaza across from the Palestinian National Assembly.
June 27, 2001

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