Palestine Forum Japan

July 3, 2017

To Ease the Electric Crisis in Gaza
Joint Statement

We the under-signed citizen groups in Japan are seriously concernedabout the electric crisis in Gaza District which has been caused byrecent reduction of its supply from Israel to the region.

People in the district have been suffering for half a century underharsh Israeli rule since 1967. Especially since 2007, when Hamas wonthe PLC election, the region have been strictly blockaded and oftenfiercely attacked by mighty Israeli forces. Quite a few countries inthe world have acquiesced or even supported this brutal blockade.

The recent reduction of electricity has made the situation far worse.

It is widely reported that the Palestinian National Authority told on27th April that the PNA would no longer pay for the electricity which Israel had been sending to Gaza District and requested Israelis tostop providing it to the strip. And also, it is said that the Israel decided on 12th June to reduce electricity to Gaza.

From then on, Israel has started the reduction of power to the region, causing extreme shortage of the electricity in it. It is said that nowadays people in the district can use electricity only two to three hours a day. Today, everyday lives of some 80% of the world people heavily depend on electricity. Imagine what would be like if they canuse electricity only a few hours a day. The most vulnerable Gazan people are patients, handicapped, infants, the olds and those who need much support from others.

Whatever the reason, this is a grave violation of humanitarian principle. We cannot shut our eyes to this injustice.

Therefore, in order to solve this crisis we strongly urge the related parties to undertake the responsibilities of their own.

  1. The Israeli governments should immediately resume sending full amount of electricity available to the Gaza Strip. It is the duty of the occupying power to secure the welfare of people in the occupied territories according to the Fourth Geneva Convention.
  2. The Palestinian National Authority, at the same time, should ask to the Israeli government to fulfil this obligation. After that, the pertinent parties could negotiate terms related to the problem.
  3. The international community should stop acquiescing the blockade and urge Israelis to lift the siege of Gaza Strip, which is the main cause of misery inflicted on the people in the region.

We sincerely hope that the related parties respond to our call.

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